Counseling 110
College Success Skills

Enroll in College Success Skills, Counseling 110
Meets  CSU's Area E requirement and Palomar's AA Multicultural requirement.
This course is UC and CSU transferrable.


Course Description
Provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to reach their educational objectives.  Topics covered include motivation and self-discipline, memory techniques, time management, communication and relationship skills, career planning, critical thinking and personal issues.  This course will include an understanding of diversity and socioeconomic difference from a historical and modern day perspective.  This course is recommended for new and re-entry students.


Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate effective goal setting techniques, self- management, memory techniques, note taking, test taking and study skills.
  • Demonstrate an ability to use stress reduction and test anxiety reduction techniques.
  • Identify and utilize PCC support services (counseling, career center, transfer center, etc.) more effectively.
  • Demonstrate an increase in your ability to think critically and approach problems creatively.
  • Identify your own preferred learning style, develop and utilize study methods to fit your learning style.
  • Deal effectively with issues faced by college students such as substance abuse, sexual assault and health issues.
  • Communicate more effectively with friends, family members and professors in ways that facilitate the learning process.
  • Demonstrate effective use of the library as a learning and research tool.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to diversity within society.
  • Demonstrate appropriate classroom behaviors.